Our Team

Our team is a group of innovative thinkers from the recycling, engineering, and commodities industries. We have joined together to tackle the world’s plastic problem.

Our goal is to reimagine waste management and support a waste-free circular economy

Jeff McMahon image

Jeff McMahon

Managing Director View Profile
Geof Storey image

Geof Storey

Chief Development Officer View Profile
Oscar Gutierrez image

Oscar Gutierrez

Managing Director View Profile
Deirdre McCaffrey image

Deirdre McCaffrey

Director of Asset Development View Profile
Norma Autry image

Norma Autry

Director of Origination View Profile
Mark Thelen image

Mark Thelen

Director of Facilities View Profile
Bonnie Richards image

Bonnie Richards

Director of Communications View Profile
Spencer Kelley image

Spencer Kelley

Vice President of Finance View Profile
Tom DeReu image

Tom DeReu

Business Development Europe View Profile
Greg Hermans image

Greg Hermans

Business Development Europe View Profile
Andrei Oztemel image

Andrei Oztemel

Vice President of National Accounts View Profile
Katherine Doerr image

Katherine Doerr

Vice President of Origination View Profile
Jim Horrox image

Jim Horrox

Vice President of Operations View Profile
Mike McKenna image

Mike McKenna

Vice President of Health, Safety and Environment View Profile
Keith Hopkins image

Keith Hopkins

Vice President of Operations and Maintenance View Profile
Harrison Messer image

Harrison Messer

Assistant Vice President – Asset Development View Profile
Nicolas Stevenson image

Nicolas Stevenson

Market Fundamentals Analyst View Profile
Margaret Zhang image

Margaret Zhang

Asset Development Analyst View Profile
Carley Ellis image

Carley Ellis

Origination Analyst View Profile
Allie Osowski image

Allie Osowski

Origination Analyst View Profile

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We seek talented and motivated people eager to address the world's most pressing environmental challenges, whilst working in an enriching and rewarding environment. We provide the resources, tools and support that our employees need to succeed.