Isaac Yeboah

Vice President for Technology, Engineering & Pyrolysis Research and Development

Dr. Isaac Yeboah currently holds the position of Vice President for Technology, Engineering & Pyrolysis Research and Process Development at Freepoint Eco-Systems LLC. Dr. Yeboah is responsible for managing the detailed engineering deliverables and technology selection for Freepoint as well as the supervision of Freepoint’s state of the art Advanced Recycling Lab and Research Facility.  Dr. Yeboah completed his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Norwegian University of Science and Technology and hold multiple publications and patent in pyrolysis, heterogenous and crude refinery catalysis and waste valorization.  Dr. Yeboah has over a decade of experience in refinery, petrochemical and polymer plants operations and sustainable research, design, and engineering for circular product development. Prior to joining Freepoint Eco-Systems LLC, Dr. Yeboah was Senior Scientist for INEOS Olefins and Polymers- USA, responsible for Advance recycling technologies selection, polymer plant optimization and circular feedstock integration to steam cracker and refinery units to create ISCC+ certified Cir/bio credits for consumers. He has an enviable record for successful technology selection and sellable circular products integration for petrochemical business.