Jeff McMahon

Managing Director

Jeff McMahon currently holds the position of Managing Director of Freepoint Eco-Systems LLC.  Mr. McMahon has spent his entire professional career in various segments of the commodity business.  After college, Mr. McMahon joined Arthur Andersen & Co. where he specialized in audit and consulting for energy commodity trading firms during his 8 year stay. Mr. McMahon was recruited by a client to assume the CFO role of a newly formed crude and refined products merchant business where he oversaw all financial matters of the company. Mr. McMahon then joined Enron Corp. where he held a variety of senior management roles in its finance and investment businesses.  Immediately prior to Freepoint, Mr. McMahon held the position of Portfolio Manager for an ultra-high net worth family office where he managed a $1 billion investment portfolio.  Mr. McMahon joined Freepoint in 2016 and currently manages Freepoint’s waste plastic recycling business where Freepoint diverts waste plastic from landfills and converts it to marketable products resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions and lower carbon intensity than alternative fossil-fuel derived products. Mr. McMahon received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Richmond (Robins School of Business) and is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Texas.