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Working Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Turning today’s plastic waste into reusable products for the future

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Our Vision

Established in 2020, Freepoint Eco-Systems' mission is to address the global plastic waste problem. Our team members are forward thinkers with a common goal: to create a waste-free, circular economy. Leveraging our industry resources, experience and access to sophisticated recycling technology, we are developing innovative solutions that will contribute to a more sustainable future.

Freepoint Eco-Systems is committed to developing renewable pathways for plastic waste and contributing to a circular economy.

90% of all plastic waste is not recycled. Landfills have exceeded capacity, pollution contaminates the air and oceans, and trash litters the environment. Freepoint Eco-Systems is focused on these pressing issues and making changes to protect the planet.

Understanding the Problem

We recognize the issues associated with a linear economy and are creating solutions to promote more sustainable practices.

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million tons of plastic are produced each year


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years is the time it takes for plastic to biodegrade

Meet our Leadership

Our leadership is a group of innovative thinkers from the recycling, engineering, and commodities industries. We have joined together to tackle the world’s plastic problem.

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Jeff McMahon
Managing Director
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Oscar Gutierrez
Managing Director
Nithia Thaver image
Nithia Thaver
Chief Operating Officer
Geof Storey image
Geof Storey
Chief Development Officer
Deirdre McCaffrey image
Deirdre McCaffrey
Director of Asset Development
Norma Autry image
Norma Autry
Director of Origination
Andrei Oztemel image
Andrei Oztemel
Director of Product Sales

Our Partners


Improving global recycling practices and modernizing the plastic waste supply chain is paramount to the future of our ecosystem. Freepoint is committed to providing innovative solutions to recycle a vast proportion of plastic waste produced by businesses with whom we collaborate, regardless of company size.

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At Freepoint, we are partnering with customers who share our goal: to develop and sustain a circular economy by recycling and reusing the world’s plastic waste.

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We work with industry experts to ensure the use of the most efficient recycling technology available. Our state-of-the-art recycling facilities will change the world by reducing the harmful effects of plastic waste and production. With your partnership, we will end the plastic waste crisis.

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