The Solution

A system that diverts plastic waste from landfills, oceans and incinerators, supporting a circular pathway for reuse

Our Approach to Technology

At our facilities, we rethink how to recycle plastic waste. Innovative and modern pyrolysis technology has allowed for more types of plastic to be recycled than ever before. We partner with like-minded global organizations to create solutions for a more sustainable economy and positive environmental impact.

Process Overview

Play this video to see Freepoint’s game-changing approach to recycling waste plastic.


Pyrolysis is a circular process that can recycle plastic almost infinitely. Our advanced recycling process allows for a vast majority of plastic types to be recycled and reused. High temperature reactors vaporize the plastic waste in an oxygen-free environment and the resulting liquid is used to create new plastic.


post-consumer and post-industrial waste is aggregated and delivered to our facility


plastic is separated from other waste such as glass, metals, and organics


plastic is fed into a shredder and sized into smaller pieces, then heated and reduced into pellet form


pelletized plastic is fed into the pyrolysis reactor and vaporized in an oxygen-free environment


pyrolysis vapors are condensed and liquefied

Product Sales

recycled liquid hydrocarbons are sold to end customer to create new plastics

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